Dividend Investing tracker

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Do you ever wonder if there is a better way to keep track of your investments and dividends? 

Well now there is! I have made a simple but yet very helpful investment and dividend tracker that I want to share with everyone.

There are 4 pre made templates that are provided

Investment Tracker

- Enter in the ticker symbol, # of shares and average price, the auto generate will do the rest!

Monthly dividend income tracker

- Best way to keep track of your monthly dividends and see your growth over the years. All you do is add the amount of dividends you received each month and it will auto generate in the chart!

Sector breakdown

- This is a cool template because it helps see how diversified you are and where you maybe need to diversify more. Being diversified in many different sectors is very important if you own individual stocks. There is typically 11 different sectors to break into, all labeled for you already.

Stocks sold

** This is used through Apple Numbers, must have access to that.

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Dividend Investing tracker

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